Margin for 2019

The other night, my wife and I were in Dallas celebrating our anniversary.  We were dressed for a very nice dinner and a show. We were headed home and I was tired. Walking to the car, we saw a [...]

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin….” (Zechariah 4:10, NLT) Quick!  Answer this riddle: Three frogs are sitting on a lily pad.  One [...]

2016: No Fear, No Regrets

In the Denton Record Chronicle each day is a section I enjoy reading that tells what happened on this day in history. It includes how many days are left in the year. It was exciting this morning [...]

“Who despises the day of small things? Men will rejoice when they see the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel… (Zechariah 4:10, NIV)   Those words were spoken by the prophet/priest [...]