The Nature of God

 In Catalyst

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. (James 1:17)

I spent a long time today trying to think of one perfect verse to answer the question: “What is God like?”  As you might imagine, this self-imposed task turned out to be quite frustrating.  God is so many different things…and there are SO MANY different Bible verses!  I finally settled on James 1:17 because it describes God’s goodness.  He’s not like us, good every once in a while.  He is consistently good, consistently giving, and always faithful.

This week we finish our sermon series on Elijah and Elisha.  Throughout these past months I have encouraged you to be an action hero. God is, to paraphrase the old country song, looking for a “little less talk and a lot more action” from his people.  You don’t have to be smart. You don’t have to be well-spoken.  In fact, think about some of your favorite action heroes from the movies…most of them are pretty dim-witted.  But we don’t care, because they get the job done!

It is a lot easier to jump in the fray when you have the right tools at your disposal.  Batman isn’t really a “super” hero at all…he’s just got great gadgets.  He’s always ready for anything.  The batmobile, the batplane, the bat-grappling hook, the bat shark repellent.  He’s a lot braver when his utility belt is full of tools.Image result for batman shark repellent

That brings us back to the nature of God (and our sermon this week).  We’re a lot braver when we know that God is quick to respond to our prayers, is a deliverer when we get into tough scrapes, is patient when we blow it, merciful when we don’t deserve it, all-powerful when we need a miracle, and as James reminds us constantly faithful.

We’ll talk more about this Sunday. Until then, put those in your utility belt and get out there and be an action hero!