May 12, 2018
2pm – 4pm

        12 yrs and younger

Guest Speaker: Angela Nelson

Angela Nelson is a proud mom of all boys and a wife who is madly (and usually happily) in love with her husband! Until recently, she and her husband Don had served on the Board of Directors for Denton Calvary Academy for seven years.  Much of Angela’s time the last twenty years has included roping in her boy’s hearts and helping her husband run their business.  When she is not enjoying time with her family, she loves encouraging other women with her candid transparency about the craziness of life. Angela and Don have three fantastic boys:  Blake and Alex who live here, and Gentry, who lives in heaven. Angela is walking (but most often crawling) through every mother’s worst nightmare. Gentry, her 16-year-old, died in a car accident in July of 2017. Ironically, Angela says that the person who taught her the most about the character of God is Gentry. His early love for life and for others led her on a quest to evaluate her own heart daily as she parented him for 16 years. His truthful and sometimes brutally honest statements are something she has tagged as “G Bombs” …. nuggets of the truth of God’s word that Gentry honestly spoke into her life as the years passed. His words changed how she parented and how she saw others. She says they are a big part of what has shaped who she is today but more importantly, they have changed how she loves.

Angela will share with us a message of hope with words of encouragement about who we (as women, mothers, and daughters) are to our families.  We are………WARRIORS!

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