Happy Reformation Day!

 In Catalyst

One of the great days of the year will be here on October 31.  No, I’m not talking about Halloween.  I’m talking about Reformation Day.  You should celebrate it…well, you should at least acknowledge it.

This was the day in 1517 that Martin Luther nailed his famous 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenburg church he pastored.  That began a long, arduous, even painful journey for the church that we now call the Reformation.

I encourage you on the 31st – if only for a moment – take a minute and thank God for those who gave so much to help restore biblical truth to the church.  I will leave you with the five major truths (the Five Solae):

  • Sola Scriptura – “by Scripture alone” reminds us that when it comes to faith, Scripture and Scripture alone (not tradition or theology) determines the course of the church.
  • Sola Fide – “by faith alone” reminds us that salvation comes through Jesus’ justification brought about by faith – not good deeds, religious works, or church membership.
  • Sola Gratia – “by grace alone” reminds us that we cannot earn God’s favor – it is unmerited.
  • Solus Christus – “by Christ alone” reminds us we need no sacraments (like baptism) or priests – all we need is Jesus.
  • Soli Deo Gloria – “Glory to God alone” reminds us that we worship God and Him alone – though we appreciate saints, they don’t merit our worship.

Some great truths that I hope you apply to your life continually.  So, Happy Reformation Day!